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The Tessellation-Level-Tree: characterising the nested hierarchy of density peaks and their spatial distribution in cosmological N-body simulations

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Opening Reionisation: Morphological Characterisation Of Ionised Bubbles Via Binary Fields

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Assembly Bias and Splashback in Clusters

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Curriculum Vitae

2019 — Postdoc at Technion (Haifa, Israel) and the Open University of Israel
2019 Postdoc at MPA
2015 — 2019 PhD Student at MPA as part of the International Max Planck Research School on Astrophysics
Supervisors: Simon D. M. White and Benedetta Ciardi
Thesis: Spatial description of large scale structure and reionisation
2014 — 2015 Master Thesis at AIP Potsdam with Dr. Stefan Gottlöber
“Non-Spherical Dark Matter Halos. A Study of Concentration and Shapes”
2012 Bachelor Thesis at AIP Potsdam with Dr. Stefan Gottlöber
“Matter Distribution in Halos in a Medium Sized Cosmological N-Body-SPH Simulation”
2009 — 2015 Physics Student at Free University of Berlin